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Comprehensive Fiduciary Services

Key service areas

  • Estate and Gift
  • Succession planning
  • Fiduciary tax preparation
  • Court and other accountings
  • Fiduciary administration

Comprehensive Fiduciary Services

We offer a broad spectrum of fiduciary services.  Our goal is to assist you every step of the way in compliance with your fiduciary responsibilities. Whether it relates to estate or gift taxes, presenting court accountings, succession planning or preparation of complex fiduciary tax returns, our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help make compliance easier.  We believe in a ‘professional team’ approach. In addition to working directly with our clients, our experience includes working with attorneys, professional trustees and bank trust officers.

Our range of services includes:

  • All types of fiduciary tax preparation
  • Judicial accountings and bookkeeping for guardianships
  • Estate and gift tax strategies
  • Review of trust documents and compliance
  • Extensive fiduciary administration services
  • Maintain accounting and other compliance information