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Judicial Accountings

Specialized skills, services and experience
  • Use of specialized software for submissions related to court and other accountings
  • Prepare annual accountings for NYS Surrogate's court reporting
  • Prepare forms required by executors, trustees, and guardians
  • Offer comprehensive financial management services
  • Extensive knowledge of the NYS Principal and Income Statute (EPTL)
  • Charities reporting to state attorney general departments
Court and other Accountings – Through the use of specialized software, we routinely prepare accountings in the format required by the Court for probate estates, trusts, and guardianships as well as for use by executors, trustees and beneficiaries.
Judicial Accounting

Fiduciary Administration and Personal Management Services - We have broad experience in assisting fiduciaries with various aspects of trust and estate administration, from educating them about which records to maintain to helping them make beneficiary distributions. We also provide individual "management services" tailored to the specific needs of clients. Some clients find themselves unable or unwilling to pay bills, reconcile checking accounts, or maintain the financial records needed for tax return preparation. Our fiduciary department includes a support staff to provide these services. We are happy to do as little or as much as the client requests, from minor tasks like monthly bank reconciliations to completely handling bank deposits and bill payments. Through the use of state of the art technology and training, our fiduciary department is continuously looking for efficient ways to better serve our clients.